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Coffee and registration 30 mins

Live broadcast 16th Jun 09:30

Chairman’s welcome

Live broadcast 16th Jun 09:35

The Careers Lab experiment, did it work?

Live broadcast 16th Jun 09:55

Keynote Matt Hancock

Live broadcast 16th Jun 10:15


10.25 - 10.55

Coffee break

Live broadcast 16th Jun 10:55

Schools are from Mars, businesses are from Venus: can they work together?

Businesses and schools are very different beasts. But if we are to see greater links between the world of industry and the world of education, how can we make that work? What are the challenges for schools in delivering Careers Education? What are the hurdles to increasing the relationship between business and schools? How can initiatives like Careers Lab smooth these bumps? Should we even bother? And finally, if you could have one ask, from either government, business or education, what would that one ask be?

Live broadcast 16th Jun 11:15

What Makes for Outstanding Careers Education?

Live broadcast 16th Jun 11:45

Careers Initiatives: is there a danger of too many cooks spoiling the broth?

Everyone agrees that good careers advice is a key factor to reducing youth unemployment and filling the skills gap. But is it a case of ‘the more the merrier’ or ‘less is more’? Is the market flooded with so many options that young people, schools and parents do not know where to turn for advice? Or is variety and a range of different views the best option for truly independent advice? Should Careers Advice and Education be State controlled?

Live broadcast 16th Jun 12:10

Closing speech

Live broadcast 16th Jun 12:25

Chairman’s Close








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